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To help you prepare your taxes, 我们提供了各种资源和文章来回答您的问题.



Taxes are an important consideration for mutual fund investing. 如果你在一个不符合纳税条件的账户中持有股份,了解共同基金为你创造收入的不同方式.

Overview of Mutual Fund Taxation

Cost basis reporting regulations have changed, 要求共同基金向股东和美国国税局报告成本基础信息. 阅读更多内容了解成本基础报告,并了解这些变化如何影响您.

Cost Basis Reporting Options

There are so many ways you could spend your refund, but there might be better alternatives to consider.

Use Your Refund Wisely

Find answers to some of the most commonly asked tax questions. Click on a question below to read the answer.

  • When will I receive my tax forms?
    • 1099-B、1099-DIV、1099-R和1099-Q税单会在一月底寄出. Form 5498-ESA is mailed in April. Form 5498 is mailed in May.
  • Why did I receive a 1099 form?
    • IRS表格1099-R报告401(k)或传统、罗斯、SEP或SIMPLE IRA的分配情况. You will only receive this form if there was a distribution.
    • IRS表格1099-Q根据第529条报告合格学费计划的分配, or a Coverdell ESA.
    • IRS表格1099-DIV报告了支付给股东的10美元或以上的应税股息和资本收益, whether paid in cash or reinvested. 它还报告免税利息股息和市政债券基金支付的私人活动债券利息.
    • IRS表格1099-B报告从非税务合格账户的赎回和交换.
  • What is a capital gains distribution?
    • 资本收益分配是基金在出售证券组合时实现的长期资本收益支付给共同基金股东的款项(通常每年一次).
  • How do I get a copy of my year-end investor statement or tax form?
    • 在线登录您的帐户或联系您的注册州立农场代理.

  • When is the deadline to do a conversion for a given tax year?
    • December 31st of that year.
  • 对IRA缴款进行重新定性的最后期限是什么时候?
    • 原缴款年度下一年的10月15日.
  • What happens if I contribute too much to my IRA?
    • 一年内可以存入个人退休帐户的总金额称为最大允许供款额. For 2023, it is either $6,500 ($7,500 if you are 50 or older) or 100 percent of your earned income, whichever is less. For 2024, it is either $7,000 ($8,000 if you are 50 or older) or 100 percent of your earned income, whichever is less. If, in one year, you contribute more than what is allowed, 供款金额与允许的最高供款之间的差额可能会被处以6%的罚款. If you contribute too much to your IRA, 你可以通过删除你的一些贡献和相关收入来纠正这一点,以避免税收罚款. 这些更正必须在作出供款年度的下一年的10月15日或之前作出.
  • Why did I receive my form 5498 in May? I have already filed my taxes. Now what do I do?
    • IRS表格5498仅用于保存记录,不需要与您的所得税申报表一起发送给IRS. 5498上的信息记录由State Farm™发送给IRS. 5498报告了向符合纳税条件的退休账户的捐款,包括滚转, conversion contributions and recharacterization contributions. Since contributions can be made up until the tax filing date, this form is not sent until the end of May, as required by law.
  • Why did I not receive a 1099-DIV for my IRA?
    • 由于IRA帐户是符合纳税条件的工具,因此不会签发1099-DIV.

  • If I reinvest my dividend and capital gain distributions, 在本课税年度,我是否仍须就这些分配缴税?
    • Yes. 股息和资本利得分配是应纳税的,如果分配是现金或再投资于额外的基金份额在一个不符合纳税条件的账户.
  • 如果我没有从交易中获得任何现金收益,为什么交换要纳税?
    • 在不符合纳税条件的账户中进行资金交换时, 赎回一只基金的股份,所得款项用于购买另一只基金的股份. For tax purposes, 美国国税局将交易的赎回方视为现金赎回. The shareowner is subject to tax on any resulting capital gain.
  • 如果我执行赎回或交换导致资本损失怎么办?
    • 阁下招致的任何资本利得可能会被阁下因投资活动而招致的资本损失所抵销. 您的净资本收益或损失将在您的联邦所得税申报表附表D中计算. 您的资本收益或损失金额将取决于您出售股票的成本基础.
  • Where can I find my cost basis information?
    • 如果可以的话,你可以在1099-B表上找到成本基础信息.

Prepare Your Taxes

To help you prepare your taxes, review the information below specific to your State Farm Mutual Funds®.

在这里你会发现不同的纳税表格的预定邮寄日期. Our tax information booklets will be mailed mid- to late- February.

Expected tax form mailing dates

If you maintain a State Farm Mutual Funds account, you may receive one or more forms, depending on your account activity.

Summary of Tax Forms


Information about your tax documents

Risk Disclosures

Before investing in a 529 plan, consider the plans investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. 请与计划发行者联系,以获得包含此信息和其他信息的官方声明. Read it carefully.

An investor should consider, before investing, 投资者或指定受益人所在的州是否提供任何仅适用于该州合格学费计划的州税或其他福利.

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